The Best UK University Towns

Edinburgh University

When you are deciding which university you want to go to, a huge part of your decision will be based on the town are city where it is. Of course, the most important thing should be the reputation of the university and the type of courses that they provide, although we are all human and the area itself does affect our choices. So which are the best towns with universities? I and not talking about the universities themselves, rather the place is it located and what it has going for it.


York University has long been one of the most respected in the country, and the city is also a very nice place to live. If you are considering continuing your studies here, you will find the historic town a beautiful backdrop to student life. The nightlife is thriving, with new bars and restaurants opening up on an almost weekly basis, plus there is a lot of culture to be found as well. The history of the city of one of its main selling points and if yo want to live in place which has friendly local feel, then York could be for you. there is a wide range of student accommodation in lost of different areas York, so yo should have no difficult finding somewhere affordable to live during university life.


Another Yorkshire university with a strong reputation for excellence, Sheffield University attracts student from all over the world each year. The city, which has undergone some regeneration in recent years, is a busy, bustling metropolis where you will find people of all cultures. Shopping at Meadowhall (slightly out of the centre), is a popular way to spend the day, and if you enjoy live entertainment, there are a great selection of venues such as Sheffield Area. Fans of the Arctic Monkey will already know that they came from this magnificent city, and other bands from the area include Pulp, ABC and Def Leopard.


The historic university of Edinburgh is famous the world over and with such esteemed students such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, it is easy to see why. The hilly city of Edinburgh is also well own for the annual Fringe Festival, which brings musicians, comedians, actors and other creative people in droves. Every August, Edinburgh is buzzing with creativity for the entire month and if you want to study in a city full of like-minded creative people, then this could well be the one for you.


Exeter University in southern England, is another well though of establishment. The city itself, although not quite as big as Sheffield and Edinburgh, has a lot to offer. The cathedral and the Royal Albert Memorial Museum are much loved within the city and there is plenty to see and do. Student accommodation is well catered for and can be rented for a very affordable price when compare to other areas of the country.

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